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„If I knew the end of my film, I would not start the journey“

INTERVIEW with Rick Raxlen, experimental animator and filmmaker - VERONIKA ZÝKOVÁ - Rick Raxlen is an independent Canadian filmmaker, whose film and video work has been screened internationally (e.g. in National Gallery in Ottawa, AGGV, HotWired AnimationExpress and the Museum of Modern Art in New York). Between the years 1967 and 1976 he made several short films with NFB (National Film Board of Canada), he ...

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„I wanted to capture real New York“

INTERVIEW with animator and writer Andy London - VERONIKA ZÝKOVÁ - Andy London is New York based director, writer and animator. With his wife, Carolyn, he runs a production company London Squared Productions (since 1999). They created award winning films: stop motion animated shorts Subway Salvation (2003), The Back Brace (2004), short feature I'm in the Mood for Death and rotoscoped short A Letter to Colle ...

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„To put 2 000 years in 10 minutes was a distillation process“

INTERVIEW with animator and illustrator Volker Schlecht - VERONIKA ZÝKOVÁ - Volker Schlecht is a Berlin based animator and illustrator, who created three animated short films, the latest being Germania Wurst (2008), sharp and ironic treat on German history in a nutshell, which got many awards at film festivals. But Volker Schlecht is also an acclaimed illustrator, together with Alexandra Kardinar he illustr ...

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„Life would be more exciting with talking animals, zombies and wizzards“

INTERVIEW with animator and illustrator Benjamin Arthur – VERONIKA ZÝKOVÁ – Benjamin Arthur is a young California based animator and illustrator, who brought attention to his works by his short film Once Upon a Time in the Woods (2007), in which he rotoscoped his brother, and later by two animations he did for National Public Radio - 3D animated The Billion-Bug Highway (2010) and roto Why Can't We Walk Stra ...

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„Strong starting points of inspiration won’t let you leave them alone“

INTERVIEW with composer, screenwriter and director Daniel Janke - VERONIKA ZÝKOVÁ - Daniel Janke, Canadian composer, musician, screenwriter and director, based in Yukon and Montreal, is quite known for composing music (for concert stage, theatre, film, television, and dance), but he also directed several short films (The Lottery Ticket, Finding Milton), most notably award winning animated movie How People G ...

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„I dismiss rotoscopy if it is not well done“

INTERVIEW with animator and programmer Bob Sabiston - VERONIKA ZÝKOVÁ - Animator, director, programmer and creator of Rotoshop, plus principal employee of Flat Black Films, that is Bob Sabiston, who was PAF Cult at the 10th Festival of Film Animation Olomouc, where he presented his various works.You may know his short movies like Grasshopper (2003), The Even More Funtrip (2007) or animation for Jørgen Leth' ...

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Walt Before Mickey: Interview with Timothy S. Susanin

TÉMA – WALT DISNEY: Interview with Timothy S. Susanin – MILAN HAIN –  Timothy S. Susanin is the author of Walt Before Mickey: Disney's Early Years, 1919–1928 (University Press of Mississippi, 2011). The book traces the life and career of Walt Disney from his humble beginnings in Kansas City to the creation of his most famous character Mickey Mouse in 1928. How deep did you have to „dig“ in Kansas City to re ...

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Interview with Pip Chodorov II.

INTERVIEW with Pip Chodorov, Part 2 – December 2010 – Interviewer: MARIE MEIXNEROVÁ - CZECH VERSION / ČESKÁ VERZE PART ONE Charlmagne 2: Piltzer. Source: re-voir.com I wanted to ask you about your films. I’ve read on the internet that you are also interested in music, and I wanted to ask you about the relationship of picture to music in your films. For example, can you tell us something about your movie "Ch ...

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Interview with Pip Chodorov I.

INTERVIEW WITH PIP CHODOROV - PART ONE - DECEMBER 2010 - INTERVIEWER: MARIE MEIXNEROVÁ CZECH VERSION / ČESKÁ VERZE I see you’ve got your gallery in Paris, it is the first art gallery devoted to experimental films only, and I’d like to ask you what brought you to Paris in the first place. Was it that you studied there and kind of liked it or... Yes, I studied French since I was 11 years old. I studied it in ...

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